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How syndicators get paid

When the sponsorship team of a real estate syndication puts together a new investment opportunity, many moving parts must be dealt with until closing. Due diligence, investor relations and financing all need to be handled and secured. In exchange, the syndicator (AKA GP) will likely want to be paid for their time, like anybody working …

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Bad Debt vs. Good Debt

Bob and Sally are neighbors. Both work hard at their jobs. Bob is a dentist and Sally is a College Professor. After they realized they wanted to diversify their investment portfolios and build other income streams, they discovered the power of real estate investing at a local diner where they overheard two older gentlemen talking …

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Why Invest in Real Estate?

Getting started with Real Estate investing can be nerve-wracking. Often, people assume buying a property is “risky.” It certainly can be, without proper market knowledge or overpaying. As the saying goes, “you make your money when you buy.” That is why it is imperative that you educate yourself or partner with an experienced investor before …

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